The Challenge

The challenge for our successful applicants will be to build towards researching, writing and presenting an investment report on a company of your choice to Orbis analysts.

Step 1: Application

Send us your CV and a report on one of the following topics, explaining your thinking by the close of Sunday 11 November (23.59 GMT).

  • i) Would you recommend buying or selling shares in Facebook, and why?
  • ii) Why is healthcare spending as a % of GDP so high in the US and should we expect it to grow faster or slower than GDP in the future?
  • iii) Will humans colonise space (i.e. permanent human habitation off planet earth) in our lifetime, and if so with what main purpose, or if not - what would prevent it?

Any currently enrolled student may apply. There are no academic background requirements and previous participants have ranged from first year to doctorate students, but successful applicants must be able and keen to dedicate time to research.

Step 2: Get some guidance on how to think about stock picking

Successful applicants will be invited to a training session with Orbis investment analysts (Central London, 4pm, 27 Nov 2018) who will help you understand how to approach researching and analysing a company.

Step 3: Research and write your ‘Challenge Report’, on a company of your choice

After the training session, you will have time to research a company of your choice and put together an investment report, for submission in early Jan 2019.

Your chosen company will be one that you believe will meaningfully outperform the FTSE World Index over a three to five-year time horizon. The stock should have a market capitalization of USD $3 billion or above.

Step 4: The Challenge Presentation

We will select six reports whose authors will be invited to discuss their stock ideas with Orbis investment analysts. We're seeking to identify potential, so our assessment will depend on the level of experience across participants.

Step 5: Prizes

The student preparing the most promising report and stock presentation will be awarded £2,500. There will also be two runners up prizes of £500. Participants may also be invited to interview for internships or jobs in Orbis' investment teams.


For any questions regarding the challenge, please contact us at